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Impressive Health Benefits of Lemongrass

Impressive Health Benefits of Lemongrass, wakeuptips
  • Lowers Cholesterol

Research published in 2011 at Food and Chemical Toxicology journal demonstrated that lemongrass owns anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hypercholesterolemic properties which encourage healthy cholesterol levels. 1 animal study has shown that regular ingestion may help in sustaining healthy levels of triglycerides and decreasing LDL or bad cholesterol. This might assist in preventing the accumulation of lipids from the blood vessels and boosting a unobstructed flow of blood from the arteries, thus preventing various cardiac disorders, such as atherosclerosis.

  • Detoxifies the Body

Based on a 2003 animal research, lemongrass might assist in flushing and cleansing damaging toxic wastes in the body, because of its diuretic properties. Detoxification can help in the regulation of different organs of the human body, including the kidneys and liver, while also helping to reduce the amount of uric acid. The health effect of this herb aids in raising the amount and frequency of urination, which aids in maintaining digestive health and detoxifying your system.

  • Anticancer Possible

Lemongrass could possibly succeed in preventing the development of cancer cells without affecting the wholesome cells of the human body. Research conducted to appraise the anticancer activity of lemongrass has revealed promising results in preventing skin cancer. This is principally due to the existence of a compound compound known as citral.

Research conducted on the consequences of citral on cancer cells reveals its effectiveness in preventing the increase of pancreatic cancer cells throughout the first phase and prevents further development of cancerous cells. Another study provides encouraging evidence concerning the anti-proliferative impact of citral in slowing the development of human breast cancer cells and the induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death).

  • Fights Staphylococcus aureus

Research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology has proven that lemongrass essential oil has an anti-biofilm capability and is advantageous against the disease due to Staphylococcus aureus. It includes phenols and essential oil, which might interrupt the rise of diseases and germs and help curb the creation of this biofilms.

  • Stomach Diseases

Studies have revealed that lemongrass essential oil contains anti-microbial and antibacterial properties that help in battling the illnesses caused by different pathogens like Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia coli.

It’s valuable in assuaging gastrointestinal ailments and diminishing inflammation; it may be helpful to have to enhance digestion and if you suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, nausea and stomach aches

  • Relieves Insomnia

Lemongrass tea is regarded as helpful in calming nerves and muscles which may help in promoting sleep. Studies have revealed that its own herbal tea contains sedative and anti inflammatory properties, which helps in raising the length of sleep.

  • Allergic Diseases

Lemongrass is commonly utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for its therapeutic effects in treating cold and cough. Alongside other valuable elements, the vitamin C content within it can assist in providing relief in nasal passages, flu and other respiratory ailments like bronchial asthma.

  • Reduces Fever

Lemongrass is a febrifuge also referred to as the’fever bud’, owing to the beneficial effects in reducing fever. The antipyretic and diaphoretic impact is broadly utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for treating fevers by causing sweating.

  • Helps Heal Diseases

Lemongrass functions as an antiseptic and can be successful in treating ailments like ringworm, sores, Athlete’s Foot, scabies, and urinary tract infections (UTI) due to its antifungal and antifungal properties. Various studies have demonstrated the herb exerts therapeutic effects on bronchial diseases, such as yeast infections, by preventing the growth of pathogens. Another study provides encouraging evidence that demonstrated the effectiveness of lemongrass more than thyme, patchouli, and cedarwood oil in treating various diseases like vaginal or oral candidiasis.

  • Reduces Aches

Lemongrass will alleviate the pain and distress brought on by headaches and migraines because of the analgesic properties. The phytonutrients within it improve blood flow and aid in relieving fatigue, muscle cramps, sprains, and backaches. It’s also beneficial in curing sports wounds, such as dislocations, internal injuries, and lumps.

  • Nervous System

Lemongrass is nervine and is regarded as a tonic for the nervous system. It stimulates the brain and assists in combating convulsions, anxiety, vertigo, and assorted neuronal disorders. It’s employed in curative baths, which help in soothing the nerves and relieving the symptoms of fatigue and anxiety brought on by stress.

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