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Many Peoples Dont Know About These Celebrities Relationships

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Many Peoples Dont Know About These Celebrities Relationships


  • #5. Abhishek Bachchan and Kunal Kapoor

The relationship between Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan and actor Kunal Kapoor is brother-in-law. Actually, Kunal Kapoor has married Naina Bachchan, daughter of Amitabh Bachchan’s brother Ajitabh Bachchan. Kunal Kapoor has worked in many big films like Rang De Basanti, Veeram, Aaja Nachle.

  • #4. Shraddha Kapoor and Laga Mangeshkar

Who dont know Bollywood’s popular actress Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor is like a granddaughte of Greatest singer Lata Mangeshkar in relationship. Shraddha Kapoor is known in Bollywood because of her sweet voice and her best acting. Little is known about the relationship between Shraddha Kapoor and Laga Mangeshkar.

  • #3. Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi

Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi, two big superstars of South Film Industry, seem to be relatives of each other, which few people would know. Let me tell you that Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi have a relationship of uncle and nephew. Chiranjeevi is Allu Arjun’s uncle. Because Chiranjeevi married Allu Arjun’s father’s sister Surekha.

  • #2. Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan

There is a relationship between brother-in-law between Sonu Sood and actor Dhoom Series fame actor Abhishek Bachchan, who works in Bollywood and South Film Industry. Let me tell you that Sonu Sood is Rakhi Brother of Abhishek’s wife Aishwarya Rai. Sonu Sood and Aishwarya Rai played siblings in the film ‘Jodha Akbar’. Since then, they celebrate Rakhi festival with each other every year.

  • #1. Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh

The world knows the two legendary batsmen of the Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. Rohit is considered one of the top batsmen of the time. At the same time, Yuvraj Singh has been one of the top batsmen of the past. You will not be sure to know that there is a brother-in-law relationship between Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika is the rakhi sister of Yuvraj. Ritika has been tying Rakhi to Yuvraj for years.

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